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Top 10 Uses for DuraLabel Industrial Printers

Top 10 Uses for DuraLabel Industrial Printers

Workplace safety is more important than ever before. With federal rules and regulations in place and always changing, it’s vital to run a workplace in which employees can do their best work while ensuring compliance with OSHA guidelines. 

Workplace safety is more important than ever before. With federal rules and regulations in place and always changing, it’s vital to run a workplace in which employees can do their best work while ensuring compliance with OSHA guidelines. We understand that need, and that’s why we at Graphic Products are excited to share this list of the top 10 uses for DuraLabel industrial label printers and supply. From visual communication labels to arc flash signage, our industrial printers help you get the job done and ensure a safe workplace for all employees.

#1 - General Safety and Visual Communication Labelling

With six versatile printers and more than 50 specialty supplies, you’re sure to find the right combination for any job.

DuraLabel is used by health and safety managers around the world to produce labels and signs for visual communication that keeps workers safe, including accident prevention signs, equipment labels, and more. These labels and signs are easy to read, highly customisable, work on various surfaces, and stand up to extreme conditions.

#2. 5S and Lean Manufacturing

Take steps toward a safer, more productive facility with effective visual communication—one of the key principles of the 5S concept. The lean manufacturing concept promotes facility-wide organisation, visual order, and cleanliness, all of which can be driven by clear signs and labels.

#3. Arc Flash Labeling

Ensure safe working conditions around electrical equipment with arc flash warning labels designed for various working conditions. DuraSuite labelling software, which comes with all DuraLabel desktop printers, features an up-to-date module for arc flash labelling that helps you comply with the latest NFPA 70E standards.

#4. Pipe Marker Label Printing

Print color-coded, easy-to-read pipe labels that meet the ANSI/ASME A13.1 standard and aid workers in emergencies. Property-labelled pipes help reduce confusion, avoid dangerous situations, and reduce injuries in the workplace.

We have the tools to keep your facility safe, including rugged printers, durable valve tags, pipe sign blanks, corrosion-resistant low-halogen tape, premium vinyl tapes that are perfect for color-coding, and pipe sleeves to help label dirty, oily, or rusty pipes.

#5. Floor Marking Tape

Boost workplace efficiency and improve safety with strategic floor and aisle marking. DuraLabel custom print floor marking tapes allow you to print right onto your tape and achieve the following:

  • Establish clear, safe paths
  • Identify aisles, storage areas, and key items
  • Keep pedestrians away from forklifts and other hazards

#6. GHS and HazCom 2012 Chemical Container Labeling

The new GHS and HazCom 2012 chemical container labeling rules are designed to keep workers informed and safe. DuraLabel products provide everything you need for a smooth transition throughout your facility. Here’s how:

  • Most DuraLabel printers produce durable, full-color GHS and HazCom 2012-compliant labels and signs
  • All DuraLabel GHS and HazCom supplies are certified for sections 2 and 3 of British Standard 5609.
  • DuraSuite label software, included with all desktop DuraLabel printers, complies with current GHS and HazCom 2012 standards and makes SDS label creation easier than ever.

#7. Portable Label Printing

Tackle print jobs of any size throughout your facility with one of our powerful, portable printers.

Make a durable label up to 2" wide with the easy-to-use Lobo. Change supply in seconds, type with a full-size keyboard, and use the Grab ’n Go™ handle to haul the rugged Lobo anywhere. Take your work into the field with the tough, portable Toro. The standalone, battery-operated label printer supports labels up to 4" wide and comes pre-installed with LabelForge and DuraSuite label software—each of which makes designing, printing, and meeting label compliance easier than ever.

#8. Fire and Emergency Exit Labeling

Save lives with an emergency safety plan that includes properly-placed, easy-to-read fire safety labels, emergency exit labels and signs, and egress route signage.

Get started and be prepared with key DuraLabel tools, including economical sign and label printers, phosphorescent and reflective materials for low-light situations, and tough-tested vinyl.

#9. Industry-Specific Labelling

Different industries require different labelling needs, and DuraLabel is equipped to handle them all. Oil rigs, labs, hospitals, clean room environments, military outposts, and construction sites are just a few of the workplaces that benefit from DuraLabel printers and supplies.

#10. Asset Tags and Barcode Printing

Create easy-to-read asset tags and barcodes with DuraLabel printers, labels, and tag stock. Strong asset management and inventory control is an essential workplace function, and thermal barcode printers like the DuraLabel PRO Series provide create labels that resist chemicals, abrasion, and smears. We also offer tamper-evident stock to keep your assets tracked and secure.

These are just a few of the myriad ways in which DuraLabel can boost efficiency, increase productivity, and improve safety in your facility. Learn more about the DuraLabel lineup of industrial label printers by Graphic Products. Need help with OSHA compliant signs and labels? Download our free OSHA Safety Signs guide below.

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