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This informative, 12-page guide is an essential resource for developing and implementing a lockout/tagout (LO/TO) program in any facility.

  • Comply with the LO/TO OSHA 1910.147 regulation
  • Covers LO/TO procedures, auditing, and the difference between locks & tags
  • Includes a sample lockout tagout procedure
  • Understand the function of tags for warning and locks for certainty

Security and Safety

OSHA's rules for the control of hazardous energy, or lockout tagout, reflect an important step in protecting workers from potentially deadly workplace accidents. In spite of this, failure to comply with these regulations appears on the agency's list of most frequently cited violations every year.

This free guide will help you understand the rules and the ideas behind them. It walks you through the requirements, can be used as a guide to create a compliant LO/TO program, and serves as part of a complete LO/TO training kit.

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