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This simple guide will help you ramp up your workplace’s preparedness for emergencies. See examples of key emergency signage and markings, and easily refer to the rules that apply. Learn how risk assessments and the Hierarchy of Controls apply to extreme situations Understand the OSHA-required Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Discover key points for training employees and marking exit routes INCLUDES: Visual communication checklist as part of emergency planning

  • Elimination (removing the hazard entirely)
  • Substitution (replacing a severe hazard with a less severe one)
  • Engineering Controls (physical changes in the workplace to limit the risk involved with a hazard)
  • Awareness (providing the information that workers need to act safely)
  • Administrative Controls (planning safe work procedures for anticipated situations)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (gear that limits injuries in the event of a harmful incident)


Risk assessments provide an opportunity for organizations to analyze hazards and disaster scenarios, in order to allocate specific resources to training and preparation. When applied to potential emergency situations, the same risk assessment process that is used for daily workplace safety can provide meaningful guidelines for preparedness.

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